Our Mission

We doing this business since 1985, and now it's hand over to the young generation is ready to give the best service and quality wood!

For the past three decades we have been doing wood sawing, planing, and sizing works across Tamil Nadu, where the finished goods could be used to make furniture for homes, schools, industries, commercials and more. Also, we sell timbers of various varients that are highly durable and stands perfect for many structural works.

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Wood Planing(Surface Planing) and Sizing

Handcrafts requires perfection! In case of timbers a consistent thickness with smooth surface is required and this is offered by our wood planing service, where we use two machines such as ‘Surface Planing Machines’ and ‘One-Side Thickness Planing Machines’ to deliver a perfect flat finish.

Wood Sawing

This is the process in which the logs are cut into planks, boards, slabs, and lumbers using the motorized saw! No matter what the size of the log is, depending on the requirement we let our skilled workforce to cut it into appropriate sizes with utmost yield.


We provide free and paid delivery based on your quantity purchased.

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Neem Wood

Rubber Wood

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